Since 1995 - The SPL Way is inspiring project managers to be the business leaders of their projects and is giving them the tools to do that

As a knowledge-base company, we provide advanced training and consulting to boost careers and businesses, based on latest research.

Using our principle of “Lead to Win” we turn the art of leadership into science, and our clients’ projects into business winners.

We teach managers a new set of skills, to better deal with the business and innovation aspects of projects, and to
become better leaders.

John Coleman - Portfolio Manager, CSSI, Washington, DC

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Yvonne Chacon - Architect, Los Angeles, CA

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Our program integrates business, innovation, leadership, and team power in one model, focusing on business outcome, rather than product output.

Our SPL Way represents an evolution in project management, turning it into a strategic business-focused system, in addition to the tactical process of completing a project on time.

We offer solutions to:

What will you get when you take our SPL program?

  • The mindset, skills, and tools you need to lead your projects for superior business results and leverage the power of innovation
  • Become a better leader by inspiring your team for amazing performance
  • Claim the right PDUs to respond to PMI’s new rules
  • Boost your career - Get certified as Strategic Project Leader®
  • Join the SPL network of certified SPL leaders for research updates and consultation.

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What will your company get from SPL?

  • Build a strategic business-centered culture focusing at all company levels
  • Continuous improvement of business results, building your competitiveness in the industry
  • State-of-the-art procedures and company tools and business-focused process
  • An efficient on-boarding process and PM career-path to grow young PMs and leaders.

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"Never have I been so engaged, challenged, and entertained by training."

"The best program I ever attended in my career of 20 years."

"SPL challenged me to think differently AND reflect on the basic elements, with immediate action ideas and concepts."

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