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What is SPL?

Strategic Project Leadership® is an evolutionary step, adding to the common project management techniques. Based on 20 years of research, it offers an opportunity for project and program managers to maximize business results and improve on-time delivery of their projects. By training managers to be better team leaders and deal with the business aspects of their projects, SPL is extending traditional methods with three new critical elements for success: Clear Strategic Vision, Inspiring Leadership, and Adapting to Complexity.
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The Heart and Soul of SPL

Introducing 4 New Online Programs:
Introductory Rate, Space is Limited

SPL Foundations
The Business Focused Leader

This is the basic SPL course. It will help you expand your thinking as a business leader of projects and programs, and build your Strategic Vision. It will also help you create the right Spirit to motivate and inspire your team, as well as use the Diamond of Innovation model to adapt your project to its complexity and challenges. Try it to see if your projects stand out, and are ahead of the game...
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Leadership by Inspiration
(While Getting Politics Out)

Build yourself as an inspiring people's leader, by gaining better skills to lead, inspire, and motivate your team with energy, commitment, and fun. You will also learn how to deal with the internal politics, inside and outside your team; get it out of the way, and even leverage it, when needed. Finally, the course will help you build a long-term perspective for your career and a growth development plan.
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Think Like a Winner!

Crack the "secret code" of true winners. Based on a 25-year study, you will learn the most effective tools for repeatedly making the best decisions to maximize your potential as a person and leader, even under pressure. You will learn how to become your own coach, to deliberately break through your own limitations, time and time again. The program is used by numerous leading organizations, including, the Israeli Air-Force Training School.
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Project Management Success Stories and Research Lessons

Interested to learn more from history? This course is based on lessons collected during more than 20 years of research on over 1000 projects. You may discover the secrets of the most successful projects of all times. Be inspired by famous success stories, as well as failures, and learn to apply the lessons to your own perspective on project management research and practice, as well as collect useful ideas for your future projects.
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"The best PM program of my 20 career years"
"Never have I been so challenged by training..."
The Following Online Programs Now Available:
Introductory Rate, Space is Limited

Course Start Date PDU Price (*) More Register
SPL Foundations -
The Business-Focused Leader
July 24, 2017 20 USD $900 More Register
SPL Foundations -
The Business-Focused Leader
Aug 07, 2017 20 USD $900 More Register
Leadership by Inspiration -
(While Getting Politics Out)
Aug 14, 2017 20 USD $900 More Register
Leadership by Inspiration -
(While Getting Politics Out)
Aug 28, 2017 20 USD $900 More Register
Think Like a Winner! July 31, 2017 20 USD $900 More Register
Think Like a Winner! Aug 22, 2017 20 USD $900 More Register
PM Success Stories
and Research Lessons
Sep 11, 2017 20 USD $900 More Register

(*) Group Discount - Available for Two or More

Dr. Aaron Shenhar, the founder of SPL, and PMI Fellow, is highly regarded as a leading scholar and guru of project management. With a previous business career as engineer and executive, and 20 years as professor and educator, his ideas and methods have influenced project, innovation, and leadership practices, research, and education throughout the world. With five academic degrees in engineering and management, including a Ph.D. from Stanford, he received the first PMI Research Achievement Award, the IMPA Research Award and IEEE Manager of the Year Award. He is the co-author of the best selling book, Reinventing Project Management, published by Harvard Business School Press. The book was selected among the five best business books of the year.
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