We guide our corporate clients to dramatically improve their business results and competitive growth. We show them how to better select the right projects and focus all project activity on building competitive advantage, in addition to timely delivery.

We do so by identifying gaps, implementing internal educational programs, build up their PMO, adapt their specific tools, and create their internal processes.


  • Strategic portfolio management for effective selection of the right projects
  • Aligning all project activity with company strategy
  • Better business results and timely delivery of projects
  • Building outstanding leadership skills in your company
  • Create company-specific culture of projects focused on business


  • Implement the SPL Way in your company and PMO
  • Assessing your company's project management matrurity, identify gaps, and set improvement goals
  • Internal educational programs for executives and managers
  • Consulting and coaching services for better project results
  • Rescue a distressed project
  • Building career paths for project managers, and growing better future leaders
  • Lessons from past projects through invited research

Customers Letters

"Market share growth (which averaged over 50%) has been dramatic, and is the result of a continuing stream of high quality products that hit their market targets. The Market share results give compelling testimony to the contribution that SPL has made."

Trane Company

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"Innovation alone is not a home run. To win in the market place, our business units must build on innovation to deliver hi-valued products in significantly less time. Our emphasis is to focus on a technical and a cultural process strategy to effect change throughout the company. SPL has played a significant role in the development and deployment of our efforts."

3M Company

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"Virtually all of the students went on to assume large project leadership roles. To this day, all of them continue to leave a fingerprint on the portfolio of technologies and products. All speak highly of the experience and are grateful for the investment in them."

Trane Company

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Success Stories

The SPL program created an immediate impact on the Company’s business results. Five years after its launch, the Company has seen a dramatic increase of almost 50% in market share of its major product lines.

Trane retains its number 1 or 2 positions in the market place, and the Company seems well positioned to continue its dominance and success into the future.

The company believes that an investment in people who can imagine the future, invent it, and deliver it, is an amazing thing. As one of the leading executives recently noticed:
“Plant seeds on fertile ground and with a little care and feeding you will enjoy a bountiful crop. The contribution of Strategic Project Leadership was invaluable.”

Jamie Belha, Classified Supervisor The Moline Dispatch

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We realized that the traditional project management approach was insufficient to deal with ongoing changes; it also lacks of the role of leadership, which to our opinion, was one of the most critical components of success. We thus made a decision to implement the SPL approach across the entire project portfolio.

The project was completed on time and budget, with the following key achievements:

  • Effective, automated quality management solutions
  • Reduction of 30 % to 40 % in application maintenance costs
  • Smooth, timely migration of legacy data
  • Centralized Enterprise Management and continued contracts resulted in additional business value of over € 500.000

Compliance Project

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