Our comprehensive consulting services are based on latest research and industry proven methods. They are designed to transform all projects of our clients into business winning processes. As a “One Stop Solution,” we deal with a range of needs, from helping launch an individual important project, or rescuing a troubled project, to upgrading the whole spectrum of project and innovation processes in a corporation.

General Consulting

  • We perform different consulting services for clients that relate to project organization, project planning, project processes, project governance etc., based on client’s specific needs

Conceptual Design of a New Project

  • We help the company prepare a project for justification before a commitment is made
  • We also help large contracting departments (such as government) to define and prepare a project for an outside bid
  • And we help bidders prepare a proposal in response to a public competitive bid

Coaching Project Teams from Initiation to Termination

  • We help teams kick-off the project and define it business and execution objectives, as well as its planning policy and guidelines
  • We then follow with the strategic, business, innovation, and leadership aspects to plan the project in the most effective way
  • We escort the project through execution, monitoring and controlling, and up to delivery

Rescuing a Troubled Project – Get Projects Back on Track

  • Assessing a delayed or troubled project – identifying the reasons for difficulties using our analytical research-based tools
  • Device corrective plans and actions
  • Escort project teams through recovery
  • Follow-up periodically on progress and success

Project Assessments, Maturity Evaluation, and Gap Analysis


Analyzing a single project’s strategic maturity and identifying weak spots

  • Using a maturity analysis we assess the project’s maturity compared to the industry standard
  • We identify the project’s weak spots and offer necessary improvements

In depth study of a project and recommendations for improvement

  • Our analytical and structured interview tools are able to identify project’s problems ahead of time and recommend pre-emptive corrective action

Analyzing a company’s project management maturity – finding gaps and setting improvement goals

  • Using a maturity analysis we assess the company’s maturity compared to the industry standard
  • We identify company’s weaknesses and gaps and set measurable goals for improvement in a specified time frame

Adapting Company’s Project Types for Better Risk and Cost Assessment

  • We study the uniqueness of the company’s projects and identify typical projects to the company.
  • Since “One Size Does Not fit All,” we then build a specific framework for classifying the projects in the company to build the basis on how to best plan and manage each project type.
  • We also create company guidelines on how to organize and plan each project type, how to assess its risk and cost, and to how to allocate the right contingency resources for minimum risk and maximum efficiency.

Building or Transforming the Company’s PMO and Processes 

  • Our methods are all customized to the client’s company and building on its existing processes.
  • We are coming into the company and study its existing processes and PMO structure. We then provide assessment details and recommendations of how to upgrade the processes to a more business-focused approach. We are working with company managers and teams to train them in the updated methods.
  • Our deliverables involve updated documentations and procedures that project teams can follow going forward.
  • We come back for a review in 6 month for assessment and additional fine-tuning

Establishing The SPL Way in a Company

  • We help companies adopt The SPL Way as the common project management technique in the company. This process involves several steps as shown below and is taking between 6 and 24 months.