Dov Dvir

Participated in the development of “The Diamond of Innovation,” and developed the framework for multiple success dimensions, which led to the multidimensional strategic project success framework.

Alan Maltz

Established the multidimensional framework for corporate success, beyond the Balanced Scorecard. Integrated the studies of multidimensional success measures across three all levels.

Ori Orhof

Extended the studies on contingency and adaptation and developed the concept of “Critical Components Analysis” (CCA) and the “Mini Diamond” Model.

Tim Phelan

Established a framework for distinction between actual and relative effectiveness and efficiency and proved the empirical connection of high effectiveness on success.

Michael Poli

Studied the concept of strategic focus, and developed the framework for implementing a strategic focus in project team activities.

Brian Sauser

Studied the concept of strategic project leadership at NASA, and developed a contingency analysis framework of success and failure on NASA and aerospace projects.

Joca Stefanovic

Developed the SPL Maturity assessment tool and based on a large database proved empirically the positive impact of maturity levels on project success.