Strategic Project Leadership®

Most projects today are unpredictable, changing, and involve a great deal of uncertainty and complexity; as a result, projects today often do not achieve their business results or are not aligned with their company’s strategy. The traditional approach to project management is rarely addressing these problems and it seems that a more modern approach is needed on top of what we know from the traditional body of knowledge. This research-based industry-proven practical course is designed to add this perspective.

Strategic Project Leadership® is the most advanced approach today to project and program management. It focuses projects and programs on creating value, competitive advantage, and winning in the marketplace, rather than just meeting time and budget objectives.

About the Seminar

This one-day executive seminar discusses the role of executives who are required to guide project and program managers to be leaders that look at the global business aspects of their projects and provide vision and inspiration to their project teams. The seminar is given together with a longer four days SPL course to project managers.

The seminar is based on the concept that “one size does not fit all” and that projects must be managed in a strategic way to achieve business results. It introduces a comprehensive framework and hierarchy of five components, which need to be applied by project leaders during project planning and execution: strategy, spirit, organization, process, and tools. It then presents a list of practical principles for implementation of the SPL approach in the organization.

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What Will You Learn in This Seminar


The seminar will teach you how to go beyond the traditional approach to project management and deal with your project in a flexible and adaptive way. It will also enable you to maximize the business results of your projects or programs. The seminar will provide the frameworks and tools to build a strategic project plan for managing and controlling your project’s entire lifecycle process in a business-focused way.

Who Should Attend


The seminar is designed top executives and leaders of project and program managers who want to transform project management into a strategic activity in their organizations. It is also beneficial to higher-level executives from various program and functional areas, such as strategic planning, finance, logistics, and IT, as an introduction to SPL.

Seminar Topics

  • Focusing Projects on Business Results
  • Why Meeting Time and Budget Goals is not enough
  • What is the strategic approach to projects
  • Executive roles in the strategic approach
  • Project Portfolio and Selection
  • Turn Project Managers into Leaders of Business
  • The adaptive and flexible approach to project management
  • Building your project charter and strategy
  • Building your project spirit and organization
  • Reinventing Project Management in your organization
  • Implementing the 12 principles of Strategic Project Leadership®
  • Planning and reviewing projects using the strategic approach.