What People and Organizations are Saying About the Experience and Benefits They Gained from SPL

SPL Christopher White - VP, Chiron, Washington, DC

Laura Thatcher - Project Manager, Yellow Pages

Dr. Eric Egdeppa - Director, Innovation, Hill-Rom

Katrice McCullough - Portfolio Manager, Technisource, Randstad, TX

Dave Ribble - PM Corporate Innovation, Hill-Rom

Dauwn Parker - City of Hope, Los Angeles, CA

John Coleman - Portfolio Manager, CSSI, Washington, DC

Nick Starace - Program Director, Government Contractor

Kirsten Emmons - Nurse, Senior Director, Hill-Rom

Ryan Kert - Project Manager, Yellow Pages

Joel Myerson - IT Project Manager, LA Health Care, CA

Yvonne Chacon - Architect, Los Angeles, CA

Xavier Hernandez - IT Project Manager, United Nations, NY

Joan Chalkley - Project Manager, Dallas, TX

Carol Steeley - Arbitron, Washington, DC

Ken Pepin - Consultant, Solvera, Canada