SPL Success Stories

The SPL program created an immediate impact on the Company’s business results. Five years after its launch, the Company has seen a dramatic increase of almost 50% in market share of its major product lines.

Trane retains its number 1 or 2 positions in the market place, and the Company seems well positioned to continue its dominance and success into the future.

The company believes that an investment in people who can imagine the future, invent it, and deliver it, is an amazing thing. As one of the leading executives recently noticed:
“Plant seeds on fertile ground and with a little care and feeding you will enjoy a bountiful crop. The contribution of Strategic Project Leadership was invaluable.”

The Trane Company

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We realized that the traditional project management approach was insufficient to deal with ongoing changes; it also lacks of the role of leadership, which to our opinion, was one of the most critical components of success. We thus made a decision to implement the SPL approach across the entire project portfolio.

The project was completed on time and budget, with the following key achievements:

  • Effective, automated quality management solutions
  • Reduction of 30 % to 40 % in application maintenance costs
  • Smooth, timely migration of legacy data
  • Centralized Enterprise Management and continued contracts resulted in additional business value of over € 500.000

Compliance Project

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"The SPL project transformed a traditional city tax system into a fiscal management value-creation tool that saved the city millions of Dollars annually, while still maintaining and improving services. The project served as a pilot to extend the same methodology to the next assessment stage and later on to all other city services. The city became the most effective city in New Jersey based on quality of services, citizen satisfaction surveys, relative property values, balanced budget management, and equitable tax reduction rates."

Jefferson City

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