We link your project execution with strategy, and turn your project managers into business leaders

We are boosting the business of clients, by applying the most advanced methods, based on our industry-proven, award-winning Strategic Project Leadership® Way.

Introduced in 1995 by Dr. Shenhar (a world-leading professor in project management), SPL is turning projects into business winners, and the art of their leadership into a science.

Using the principles of “Lead to Win™” and “Less is More,” we are reinventing (and simplifying) project management by implementing a new strategic mindset, skillset, and toolset.

SPL integrates business, innovation, and leadership in one formal model, focusing on business outcome, rather than just product output.

The SPL Way represents an evolution (not a revolution), which is transforming the company’s project activity into a strategic, business-focused ecosystem.

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John Coleman - Portfolio Manager, CSSI, Washington, DC

Yvonne Chacon - Architect, Los Angeles, CA

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What’s In It For You?

What will your company get from SPL?

  • Build a strategic, business-focused culture, which aligns all projects with business needs
  • Tremendous improvement in business results, creating a leadership position in your industry
  • A well-established process for initiating, planning, and executing strategic projects
  • Learn how to rescue a troubled project and bring it back on track
  • An efficient, on-boarding educational process and career-path for young managers and leaders.

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What will you get by taking our SPL program?

  • Boost your career – Get certified as Strategic Project Leader® - together with the right PMI® PDUs
  • The mindset, skillset, and toolset needed to lead your projects for superior business results
  • Learn to leverage the power of innovation and technology in your project for best business results
  • Become a better leader by inspiring your team for amazing performance
  • Join the SPL network of certified SPL leaders for research updates and consultation.

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"Never have I been so engaged, challenged, and entertained by training."

"The best program I ever attended in my career of 20 years."

"SPL challenged me to think differently AND reflect on the basic elements, with immediate action ideas and concepts."

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