How can I learn to understand and use the SPL Way?

The first step is to enroll in one of our basic courses, such as “The SPL Experience” (offered on the open market) or Introduction to SPL (offered as in house training to corporations). You can then higher level training and learn to use some of our tools.

When is the right time to learn the SPL Way?

You can learn it any time. If you are an experienced project manager, SPL will add to your toolbox the strategic perspective. If you are new to project management, SPL will put you directly on the track leading to business and value. You can catch up later with the traditional tools.

Do I need to have a PMP of PRICE2 certificate before SPL?

No. Although SPL fits both frameworks, a previous certificate is not necessary. You can complete the traditional knowledge later.

What is SPL Adding to Traditional Project Management?

The SPL Way is building on existing mainstream project management processes and techniques, not replacing them. The additional aspects are described in the following table:

Factor Traditional

Project Management


Project Leadership

Goal Deliver the Product Create Value and Benefit
Focus Efficiency Effectiveness and Efficiency
Approach Operational Strategic Leadership
Style One Size Fits All Adaptive to Innovation & Context
People Human Resources Team Spirit, Energy, Leadership