The SPL Way is a Ground-Breaking, Game-Changing Approach to Business, Innovation, Projects, and Leadership.

Who We Are


We are a Knowledge and Research-Based Organization.

We are in the business of creating, collecting, sharing, and implementing the most recent and relevant knowledge needed for the prosperity and growth of the enterprise world. We transform up-to-date applicable research into best practices for the benefit of our customers.


Our Domain:

We function in the domain of technology, innovation, project management, and leadership.


Our Basic Principle is “Lead to Win”:

We teach our customers to focus on winning through value creation and competitive advantage. We are integrating the latest knowledge with their operations and practices and help them achieve outstanding business success and value for their customers.


Advanced Concepts and Continuous Learning.

We apply the most advanced, research-based, industry-proven concepts to deal with uncertainty, create value, and maximize competitive advantage. Our programs keep updating based on our additional research cumulative experience with corporation.

Why are we in Business? Our Clients’ Opportunity


To stay competitive in today’s dynamic and changing world, organizations must keep learning and improving how they do their work. While technology keeps advancing in an accelerated and exponential rate, management, and particularly management of technology (and projects) is improving at a much slower, linear rate, at best. This reality is widening the white space between technological and managerial capabilities in most organizations. We see this space as an opportunity for our clients and for our business.

What do we do for Our Clients?


Transforming Managers into Leaders

We transform project and technology managers into business leaders, who must deal with the strategic and business aspects of their job, build a vision to inspire and motivate their teams, and learn how to adapt every activity to the specific context and environment.


Aligning Projects, Technology, and Innovation with Business

We help organizations deal with their work in a flexible and adaptive way and focus their activity on business results by creating value, competitive advantage, and winning in the marketplace.

How We Do It?


Combining Academic Research and Practical Experience

Our programs are based on integrating academic research and practical experience. We combine high quality research and courses built by academic scholars all having experience as highly accomplished executives and managers.


Turning the Art of Management into Science

Integrating research and practice helps us identify best practices, and more important, build new frameworks that are turning the art of management into science. We believe successful management should not stay an art shared by individual and exceptional leaders. By building a better science of management and leadership we believe more managers could be trained and educated to become high achievers and successful performers.


Bridging the Business-Project-Technology Gap

We focus on bridging the gap between the business needs at the executive level and the project activity at the operational level.


Going Beyond the Basics

The basic concepts of project and technology management have not changed for years and are often insufficient to deal with today’s complex, dynamic, and uncertain environment. Building on the traditional practices, our programs go beyond them and focus on turning projects, innovation, and technology into powerful competitive weapons.


Our People

Our team includes a combination of highly qualified educators, researchers, and experienced business executives. Our products keep updating based on recent research and hands-on experience with our clients.


Our One-Stop Solution

Our services and products include assessment and planning tools, education and training programs, and consulting and coaching partnerships.

Guiding Principles in Developing our Methods

  • Benefit Driven  Align project management with business and value.
  • Less is More All frameworks must be simple - The Diamond Rule of Four
  • Respect the Past  Natural integration with traditional PM
  • One Size Does not fit All  Adapt to specific context and environment
  • Unleash Team Power Everyone contributes to the creation of value

Major Drivers of Our Work with Clients


Strategic Thinking at all Levels

We believe that strategy is the business of everyone, not just tope level executives, and particularly managers all levels, including first line team leaders. In today’s fast changing world, there is not time to just build the strategy at the executive level and wait for the operational teams to implement it. Everyone could and should help identify business opportunities contribute to the strategic thinking of the enterprise, and to the creation and enhancement of its competitive advantage.


Aligning Everything with Business

Every activity the organization and its people are doing must be aligned with the business needs of the enterprise. It includes innovation, technology, projects, commercialization, and operation.

Modes of Operation


Consulting and Rescue Services

Identify and assess customer needs, problems and opportunities. Suggest solutions and improvement programs. Advise and guide on implementation and follow up on progress. Monitor and review corrections and continuous improvement processes.


Education and Certification

We share our knowledge with our customers through advanced educational programs. Our programs are either universal or tailored to specific customers.


Software and Tools

We offer advanced software and tools to complement and enrich the consulting and educational activities. Tools are for assessment, planning, and presentation.


Speaking Services

Invited speeches based on a list of topics.


Invited Research

Large scale research for a corporation or government.



We create and offer to our clients networking opportunities for interaction, sharing and benchmarking knowledge and best practices in their industries.