Dr. Aaron J. Shenhar, PMP®, PMI® Fellow

Founder and CEO, Professor of Project Management and Leadership
Full Bio

  • A world leader in project and innovation management
  • Five academic degrees - PhD Stanford University
  • IEEE Manager Award, PMI®, IPMA Research Awards, PMI®, NASA Fellow
  • Executive career – 20 years, Corporate VP. Academic career 20+ years
  • Built and ran a number of academic and Corporate PM programs
  • 6 books and 150+ publications, used by many corporations and universities
  • Developed SPL and the “Diamond” Methods, used by companies worldwide

Shawn Hopkins, MSc in TM, MBA

Director of Business and Finance

As Chief Technology Officer of a large city, he implemented SPL to all technologies and city services, expanding real-time information to the public while reducing expense and increasing availability. Specifically, the system was applied to the city’s tax services resulting in increase of new real estate value by $500M, reduced the error rate below .02% and achieved the highest citizen satisfaction level in the state of New Jersey.

Serving as Director of Business and Finance, he is responsible for finances, contracts and customer engagements, as well as international collaboration. He is also an experienced SPL trainer and course developer

Dr. Ori Orhof

Director of Research and Methodology

BSc, MSc, and PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Technion in Israel. He is a senior project manager with more than 20 years of experience in complex project and program management, mostly in the airport and security industries. As Director of Research and Methodology, he is part of SPL’s team that develops the next generations of The SPL Way, as well as research on a wider range of subjects. He developed the Critical Components Analysis (CCA) method that is adding an important element to the analyzing the uniqueness of projects and to better planning of dynamic and complex projects.

Marc Diament

Director of Technology

  • MSc in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Experienced professional in communication and pharmaceutical industries
  • Developed unique solutions for compliance management in pharma
  • As director of technology responsible to all DLI’s technologies and web services, as well as on-line programs.

Adriana Groza 

Director of Marketing and Social Media

  • Experienced project management professional
  • International expertise in diverse industries, particularly focused on the domain of Projects, Marketing, and Management
  • Adriana holds a Master's Degree in Project Management
  • Currently engages in DLI’s development of Marketing Strategy

Hava Lentz