This advanced course is designed for graduates of the Strategic Project Leadership course. Using the concepts of SPL, it is expanding The SPL Way to the next level by leveraging the power of SPL concepts and tools for consulting, coaching, and rescue functions with clients.

The course will first review the major concepts of SPL and then show their outstanding additional potential. It will then expand and show how to use the tools for consulting purposes, how to coach project teams during the project’s initiation, planning and execution phases. In the last part the course will demonstrate how the SPL way can be used to rescue a troubled and distressed project and bring it back on track for a successful completion.

40 PDUs
PMI Talent Triangle Share of PDUs:
Business Leadership Technical
16 12 12

Course Objectives – What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the depths and full potential of The SPL Way, and learn to apply it to different critical environments
  • Identify consulting opportunities for serving clients with The SPL Way
  • Learn to apply The SPL Way and tools for consulting engagements
  • Practice the coaching process of SPL with project teams
  • Learn to apply The SPL Way for a client’s PMO and company procedures
  • Learn to adapt The SPL Way to build a client’s specific frameworks and processes
  • Learn how to use The SPL Way to rescue a distressed project
  • Practice these techniques on real company projects

Who Should Attend

  • Graduates of the SPL basic courses
  • Trainers of SPL
  • Consultants who wish to apply the SPL Way to their clients
  • PMOs who are interested to take full advantage of the SPL Way
  • Executives in project-intensive environments

By Invitation Only

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