Course Overview

The increasing rate of technology development creates a challenge for fast innovation and quick development of new high-tech products with new techniques, which are beyond the traditional project and program management procedures. While traditional courses focus on process and meeting operational goals of time, budget, and specifications, this course combines the strategic, leadership, operational, and innovation aspects of R&D and high tech projects. The program is based on latest research-based concepts and experience with leading companies and government organizations. The course expands the principles of Strategic Project Leadership® to the R&D and high-tech functions.


In this course you will learn to build the strategic approach to your high-tech and R&D projects. You will learn how to apply the principles of SPL by leveraging the power of technology for the creation of value for customers and competitive advantage for your company. And you will learn how to move from a traditional management role into an active inspirational leadership role with your highly technical team, as well as leverage the right level of innovation in your project.

20 PDUs
PMI Talent Triangle Share of PDUs:
Business Leadership Technical
8 6 4

Course Concepts

  • Strategic Leadership – The basic principle is that leaders, not just managers make the difference, by taking total responsibility for the business results of their programs. You must therefore move beyond the traditional focus on process only, and address the strategic, operational, and leadership parts in your program.
  • Addressing Uncertainty, Complexity, and Innovation – This concept is based on the realization that “one size does not fit all.” Project leaders must know how to identify the uniqueness of their project and adapt their leadership style to the specific levels of innovation, complexity and uncertainty.
  • Strategic Value - Each project must develop its own strategy, which will support the strategic direction of its higher enterprise, and focus its on-going tasks on creating value, competitive advantage, and achieving long-term strategic goals.
  • Leadership - The course will address the leadership aspects at the high end of technology, and lead your team to win with vision, commitment, energy, and fun.

Outline and Major Topics

  • Project Leadership - the CEO Concept of Total Responsibility
  • Why “One Size Does Not Fit All”
  • Strategic Thinking at the Project Level
  • Value Creation Beyond Meeting Time and Budget Goals
  • What Distinguishes High-tech and R&D Projects
  • Building Your Project’s Strategic Plan
  • Defining and Building Competitive Advantage
  • Developing Leadership at the High-tech Project Level
  • Vision, Spirit, and Program Culture
  • The “Diamond of Innovation” - Adapting Your Style to Project Type
  • Project Organization and Processes
  • Integrating Engineering and Management
  • Preparing and Performing Strategic Reviews for R&D Projects
  • Handling the Project’s Processes
  • Realizing Your Potential as Leader and Individual
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement