Unleash Your Team Energy, Cope with Internal Politics, and Have Fun

This course focuses on the typical transition of technical team members into management and leadership positions in a project environment, where leadership makes a difference and politics stands in the way. It develops the mindset, skills, and qualities of an inspirational leader who can lead and motivate teams to their maximum potential in a dynamic and uncertain world. It identifies the leader’s roles, strengths and weaknesses, and develops vital interpersonal, leadership, and motivational skills. It also guides people how to deal with the unavoidable political issues, both outside and inside their teams. Using different animal analogies, the course analyzes the “Political Jungle” in the company and shows how to live with it in peace, get it out of the way, and even leverage it.

20 PDUs
 Regular Cost $900
Group Discount $800 (for 2 or More)
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Business Leadership Technical
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What Will Your Learn

  • Characterize the problems, dilemmas, and process of transitioning from team member to manager and leader
  • Build a conceptual model of what is a manager/leader and identify your strengths and weakness, build the right team, and add the missing parts
  • Focus on your role as an inspiring leader that attracts people to your team and creates the right excitement and fun
  • Understand the political environment in your company and learn how to live with it, and more important, leverage it for your project and career
  • Understand the critical elements of motivating people and learn what you can do to motivate everyone on your team
  • Understand what great leaders do, decide what is right for you, and build a long-term plan for your career.

Style of Program


The program is highly interactive. It combines the theory and practice on leadership while presenting the latest research on leadership together with hands-on experience and lessons learned. The program uses discussions, individual and team exercises, cases of good and bad leadership, and simulations of situations.

Course Topics


The Transition into Management

  • Why and who is getting promoted
  • The surprise, hope, and fear factor
  • Typical self preparation for management
  • Typical transition difficulties and frustrations


What Leadership is All About?

  • In search of a definition and model of management
  • Outlining the classical theories and management models
  • What is missing in each model?
  • The Leavitt Model of Leadership
  • Is there a difference between leader and manager?


Finding the Right Model for You

  • Identifying different leaders and their style
  • Identifying your own your style – strengths and weaknesses
  • What great leaders do? What can you learn from them?
  • How to find the areas you need to develop further
  • How to build the right balance of skills and styles in your team

The Theory and Practice of Motivation

  • What is motivation, and what is not
  • Classical theories and models of innovation
  • What is missing in each model?
  • Finding the right model for you
  • What motivates, what could de-motivate?


Politics and Power in Organizations

  • What is politics? Why is it inevitable?
  • How to increase your power, or lead without power
  • Building your network
  • The critical elements with dealing with politics in your team and organization
  • Dealing with different individuals – Mapping the “Political Jungle”
  • Building the communication/trust agreement relationships



  • The project manager as leader
  • Finding your limitation factors
  • Coping with stress
  • Building your career plan