Course Background and Objectives

Strategic Project Leadership® is the most advanced approach today to project and program management. It focuses projects and programs on creating value, competitive advantage, and winning in the marketplace, rather than just meeting time and budget objectives.

To help companies manage projects using the SPL Way, there is a need to select the right projects based on their strategic impact by using a coherent policy for project approval since so many projects compete for the same resources.

This course will build a framework to make the selection process as rational as possible and help allocate resources to individual projects based on the company’s strategic direction.


In this course you will learn to build the strategic approach to your high-tech and R&D projects. You will learn how to apply the principles of SPL by leveraging the power of technology for the creation of value for customers and competitive advantage for your company. And you will learn how to move from a traditional management role into an active inspirational leadership role with your highly technical team, as well as leverage the right level of innovation in your project.

20 PDUs
PMI Talent Triangle Share of PDUs:
Business Leadership Technical
14 3 3

Who Shoud Attend

  • Executives who deal with project selections and project approval
  • Program managers who manage a group of related projects
  • PMO managers
  • Company vice presidents who are dealing with projects

Course Topics

  • Why is portfolio management so difficult
  • How to overcome the intenal political and power game
  • What is missing in current traditional portfolio management methods
  • Understand your company business strategy
  • Develop a framework for proejct selection based on strategy
  • How to divide your project groups into the right project types
  • How to allocate resources to each project group based on strategy
  • Create selection criteria for each project type
  • Create a resource allocation framework and criteria for company projects
  • Demonstrate the framework on real company projects