Program Description

Think Like a Winner !

Brought to you by Winning, Ltd.

Crack the "secret code" of true winners.  Based on a 25-year study, you will learn the most effective tools for repeatedly making the best decisions to maximize your potential, as a person and leader, even under pressure. You will   learn how to become your own coach to deliberately break through your own limitations, time and time again. The program is used by numerous organizations, including, the Israeli Air-Force Training School.


20 PDUs
 Regular Cost $900
Group Discount $800 (for 2 or More)
PMI Talent Triangle Share of PDUs:
Business Leadership Technical
- 20 -

Who is a Winner?

Winners are people who consistently succeed in every aspect by excelling in PRM - Personal Resource Management. Applying their second to none PRM technique, Winners are able to:

  • Achieve the best possible results in every mission, even under pressure, time and time again
  • Keep strengthening and improving their mental fitness and performance by constantly breaking their own records and glass ceilings
  • Succeed in the typical challenging battle: the endless conflict between one's own mind and emotions.

The Winning Model and this Workshop

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to apply the Winning Model to every aspect of your life, even under pressure. You will learn to apply the 12 principles of the Winning Technique and acquire the tool-box/manual for optimal decision making and execution. In addition to thinking correctly under pressure, you will learn how to apply the art of self-debriefing which will make you and your team highly skilled executers.

The workshop will use the participants' experience to practice Winning in relation to their real success stories as well as unsuccessful events, taken from their daily life and work.

Workshop Program

Defining Winners

  • Introduction - people's experience
  • Who are the winners?
  • Characterizing a winner
  • The abilities and skills that make someone a winner
  • Applying the definition to daily experience

The Winning Model

  • The Noble Warrior
  • The Thinker
  • The Executer
  • Applying the Model to daily life

The Art of Self Debriefing

  • The key to perform and maximize one's potential like a winner
  • How to achieve constant personal improvement
  • What is self-debriefing? What is its structure?
  • Applying the art of self-debriefing to daily life

The Winning Leaders

  • What is a winning leader?
  • The winning team
  • The winning organization
  • The winning culture

Support and Maintenance

  • Winning's workshop facilitators will support the assimilation of the Winning technique and culture in a follow-up session.