Workshop Overview

Once you have studied the SPL Way concepts and want to learn how to apply it to your clients, this workshop is for you. The workshop will review the course material and provide much deeper insights about the SPL Way development, the research behind the knowledge, and the more advanced topics that are not presented in the basic courses.

40 PDUs
PMI Talent Triangle Share of PDUs:
Business Leadership Technical
16 12 12

Major Topics

  • In-depth review of the SPL Basic course material
  • Exploring the behind the scenes of the SPL Development
  • Review the SPL Way research history and findings
  • Review current research and potential improvement
  • Discuss additional cases and modern project problems
  • Demonstrate presentations on selected SPL topics
  • Take an exam on selected SPL topics to demonstrate understating

Who Should Attend

  • Graduates previous SPL Courses
  • Consultants and trainers who want to apply The SPL Way to their business, under a license agreement.
  • People who want to practice the teaching of SPL and further study the depths of SPL

By Invitation Only

If you are interested, please contact us